Welcome to Neezies Inc. February 01 2018

Welcome to my blog! After a lot of requests for Neezies news and baby style sharing, I now have a place to do just that, and of course no blog would be complete without some laugh out loud funnies...I’ll have those, too!

So, here’s my first post…a little about Neezies and a bit about me.

I hope you enjoy!  

Style. Comfort. Neezies.

It means so much to me that customers love their Neezies, from the oh-so-soft fabric to the fun colours and styles. I love receiving feedback on our products! The most common praise is for the built-in knee pads in the crawling pants. I hear many stories about little ones who have worn holes through the knees of their old pants, have bruises, carpet burns, and scrapes on their knees from cruising around from surface to surface, as little movers do, and how Neezies pants help eliminate these irritations. As a parent of three little ones, I know all too well how much they tumble. That is why I started making Neezies in the first place…plain and simple; to help our littles be more comfortable.

I’m Emma, the Owner and Founder of Neezies Inc. I’m a Nova Scotian “momtrepreneur” with a passion for practical fashion, among other things of course (my family, friends, writing, skiing, travelling, etc.). I created Neezies to provide comfortable, Canadian-made specialty clothing for infants and toddlers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of pink frilly dresses and button up shirts as much as the next girl, but they are just not practical for everyday baby wear. Babies should be comfortable, every day!

When our first child was learning to crawl, my husband and I quickly realized it was incredibly hard on her little knees and her pants. I wanted to help make this stage in her life more comfortable, but couldn’t find an adequate solution anywhere. Of course that is when I started sewing knee pads into her pants. What a difference that made! Almost everywhere we went with her people asked me about her pants with knee pads…where did I get them? Where could they get them? I started making them for people.

With a background in communications, public relations and marketing, I had a lot to learn about the fashion industry before creating this business. I spent all my "free time" researching the infant and toddler clothing industry…fabrics, trends, styles…you name it, I studied it! What did I find? Not only were we missing comfortable crawling pants, there was a lack of Canadian-made, practical, everyday clothing for children, specifically for busy infants and toddlers. I was determined to fill the void.

I made several Neezies designs and soon joined forces with a local manufacture. It was important to me, being a small town, Maritime girl, that I keep my company as local as possible so I was thrilled when our local manufacture jumped on board to produce Neezies! After several prototypes, the Neezies pants were completed and we were on to shirts and hoodies to complete the outfits. Fast forward to today...we continue to design and develop specialty infant and toddler wear for our wonderful customers and are loving every minute of it.

We currently offer three styles of pants: the Diva Legging, the Trendy Lounge Pant and the Classic Pant…and yes, they all have knee pads. We also have a variety of coordinating tops from long and short sleeve t-shirts to light-weight hoodies, perfect for layering. (Right now we’re working on a brand new exciting design…details coming soon!) All of our clothing is made with our ultra-soft cotton blend for comfort and durability. As a parent/grandparent/guardian, comfort and safety are top priorities when choosing clothes for our babies so rest assured because we feel the same way at Neezies. In fact, none of our pieces feature zippers, ties, buttons or glitter designs. Did I mention they are also washer/dryer friendly? They are!

When you buy Neezies, not only are you getting your littles cute, comfy outfits, you are also buying local: supporting jobs here in Nova Scotia; and now we've partnered with the IWK Foundation so every purchase goes towards helping children and their families across the Maritimes!

So, now you know the Neezies story. Clothing perfect for play and comfy enough to sleep in!

Until next time…..