Weston's Story May 10 2019

Yesterday we announced our partnership with the IWK Foundation and now we are sharing with you an amazing story...a happy healthy Neezies boy is where he is today because of the exceptional care he had at the IWK. Experiences like Weston's are exactly why we chose to partner with the IWK Foundation. Please read on as Weston's mother graciously shared their inspirational story below:

Neezies Boy, IWK saved his life,

"Weston was born at 31 weeks of age. At 30 weeks I was rushed from Truro to the IWK with suspected early labour. Luckily the staff at the IWK were able to hold off his delivery for another 6 days, however he still arrived way too early. When he was born, we found out the reason for his early arrival was that he had type C Trachea Esophageal Fistula - Esophageal Atresia. Basically meaning he had an upper esophagus and a lower but a missing area in the middle, leaving him unable to swallow. The bottom esophagus also was connected to his trachea leaving the trachea weakened and not completely normal. He also suffers from Vacteryl with abnormalities in his thumb, ribs, vertebrae, esophagus and trachea - but you would never know it!

Neezies boy, healthy after IWK, Neezies partners with IWK Foundation

At 2 days of age and 3.5 lbs, our wonderful surgeons performed a rare surgery which I think everyone agrees, gave him the opportunity to have a fairly normal life. Between the NICU and his specialists, we were only in the hospital less than 2 months, surprising everyone.

Today, Wes leads a normal life, dealing with “stickies” and moderate-severe tracheomalacia. He is happy as can be. Currently we work with 4 (or more depending on the year) specialists from the IWK who continue to provide Weston the amazing quality of life that he has. Our experience there is always positive and the staff and doctors go above and beyond in their care and over experience for my little ones. My husband and I are eternally grateful to everyone at the IWK."

Neezies boy, Neezies partners with IWK Foundation, Neezies boy with mom and sister, IWK saved his life

Above: Weston, happy and healthy, sharing a cuddle with his mom and sister. 


Photos by Morgan Webb Photography