Benefits of buying local – a step toward sustainability - and someone's happy dance! August 26 2019

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Our customers often tell us they love that we're a local company and ask what it means to us to be local and where our passion for local really comes from; so I've put together a few reasons why local is important to me, that I believe apply to all of us.

Buying local is a win-win; good for the business and the consumer. When you buy local you are the reason for someone’s happy dance and that is a great feeling! What’s more is that you are also contributing to your community’s sustainable growth and that’s another reason for a happy dance! Simply put, buying locally benefits the environment, the economy and your community.

Sustainability is a priority at Neezies. Like the rest of you, we are doing our best to shrink our environmental impact. We are also focused on the social and economic dynamics and being a small community business has some benefits on that front, mainly that our clothing is locally manufactured here in Nova Scotia. This is something that was so important to me from the beginning and it resonates with our customers for many reasons. By manufacturing in our own province, we help keep and create jobs for local workers and contribute to the strength and sustainability of their families, boost the economy and so much more!

We can all agree that buying local is a great thing, but let’s talk about why it’s so important. Localism and ethical sourcing are huge trends within food markets and should be with fashion as well. Do you know who made your clothes and in what conditions? Who grew your food and how it was grown? Maybe some of you do and that is amazing, but unfortunately most don’t. Studies show that generally people want to shop more locally, especially when it comes to food and clothes, but don’t understand the huge impact their local support has. I’m passionate about supporting local and being an informed buyer. I want to know who I am supporting directly or indirectly because I believe it’s important to know who made your stuff or at least be assured that it was made and/or sourced ethically. So as a businesses woman and a consumer, I’m taking this opportunity to reminder you why your choice to shop local is significant.

Buying local is….

  • improving the local economy
    • Community businesses keep and create jobs for local workers, retain local manufacturing facilities and maintain control of labour standards
    • Locally owned businesses recycle revenue into the local economy, which of course, enriches the community
    • Local ownership means decisions are made by people who live in the community and who feel the impacts of those decisions
  • helping community wellbeing
    • Locally owned businesses strengthen their communities, connecting people through economic and social relationships, helping their community thrive
    • Communities that promote their unique businesses and character have an economic advantage
    • Buying local also encourages entrepreneurship which drives innovation and prosperity. 
  • (usually) the more ethical choice
    • Of course we would rather support our local community businesses. Consumers get quality goods at reasonable prices without hefty duty fees
    • Back to knowing where your products are made and who made them…ethical practices from sources to manufacturing are of big concern, especially in the fashion industry. In Canada our labour standards are high. Consumers have a reasonably good idea of labour standards in their own country, but it may be difficult to know working conditions and the overall social sustainability in other countries. The “Who made my clothes” fashion revolution is bringing global attention to these issues.
    • It’s better for the environment
    • Remember that happy dance feeling? That’s also a good reason to support local businesses. 
  • (generally) means great quality
    • Local businesses normally take tremendous pride in their work and strive to serve their customers the best they can and this only happens by producing high quality products and providing great quality services. Local businesses are focused on building a strong brand for themselves so you can generally count on good quality purchases.


We can all benefit from supporting local businesses. Purchasing clothing, food, services or any locally made items is investing in your community. When you do so, you contribute to the growth of the economy in your community, your province and country as a whole, providing a whole array of benefits. I could go on, but I won’t. We can't be perfect all of the time, but let's try our best to choose local when we can. I hope you found this a good reminder of the importance of buying local and that your next purchases are thoughtful ones.